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Automated Agent
This is my journey...
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Like many 'successful' Real Estate Agents I prospected and built my business to where I was, very thankfully, extremely busy, doing everything like a typical agent, from lead gen, to marketing, to transaction management.  It took a lot of hours but I got it done and was happy to spend the time.  Until....  My daughter was born in July 2012.  Then I wasn't willing to spend the time doing ALL of the things that I knew that I needed to do.  But my income requirements just shot up as those of you with children know too well!  That is when I looked closely at what I did every day,  and guess what,  only about 10-20 percent required my specific expertise..  hmm
Chapter 2: The Creation
So of course I did what the books say, and hired an assistant.  Now I was also a manager as well as a lister.  And what should she do?  I didn't have documented procedures to follow!  Exactly how I would like it done,  how could I expect her to know what to do when I couldn't even articulate it!  Meanwhile the timeclock was ticking.  I was looking for stuff to keep her busy..  ugh again!  

Then I finally bit the bullet,  I broke my business into all of the little tasks that I did during the day, and outsourced the bulk of it to my Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.  No staff management, I paid only 3-9 dollars per hour, and it forced me to document EXACTLY what I wanted them to do!  I finally had a business.  And now you can too....
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